We Have Been Banned by H&M!!!

We Have Been Banned by H&M!!!

CosFitness Vs COS

Welcome back to CosFitness blog, hey, guys, how are you?

Last year, we are trying to register the word ‘CosFitness’ in US and UK for a trademark, so then we described the meaning for it and provided the evidences what we have been using on our products to USPTO(United States Patent and Trademark Office) and UKIPO(United Kingdom Intellectual Property Office) through the lawyer. Everything is going well, but until July of this year, we received an opposition for applying this word for a registered trademark, because they think our CosFitness™ is similar to their registered trademark ‘COS’ which is owned by H&M.

Whoa!!! In fact, there are totally differences between our’s and H&M’s of the designs and styles, they are the big guys in offering fashion stuff, they have a huge gap between them and gym clothes, even less so anime cosplay gym gear clothes, like shirts, pants, etc. That’s not fair.
However, business is business, after communicating with the lawyer, we have no chance of winning because we are such a small guy. We gave up.

But we will not stop, we will be back in a different way.

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