Something Updates about Our Anime Gym Shirt(Pro Series)

Something Updates about Our Anime Gym Shirt(Pro Series)

All Out of Stock Anime Gym Shirt Will Be Back One by One Soon

Hi, our fans, how are you?
It Has been a long time since we last updated the CosFitness blog. If you are interested in our updates, you will note we have released some new version items which we called them generation 2.0 shirts, such as Bardock workout tank top 2.0, Vegeta Cell Tank Top 2.0, etc. They are more breathable, lighter, and dry more quickly, but they will be thinner than the 1.0. This is why some of our fans let us not give up the 1.0, they like the texture, the premier material.

And first of all, we will not retire the 1.0 of all the pro series anime gym shirts, please do not worry about it. Then some out of stock items we will restock in 2023. If you have some really interesting items, just share them as soon as possible, we will produce them first. We think there is good news for some of our OG fans. Here we go!

Furthermore , we will upgrade the material and make the fabric better than before. We have made some samples and compared them. That’s so awesome! Do you want to try one? Just message us, we will send it to you for free. No matter the quality, texture or the color printed, that’s the big move for all of the experiences.

Last but not the least, we are supplying the customization services for you all, if you want some special custom designs only for your own, just let us know. We do not move forward without you!

That’s all!
Thanks, best wishes

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