Should we go back to Saint Seiya Gym Shirt Designs again?

Should we go back to Saint Seiya Gym Shirt Designs again?

Would you also buy Saint Seiya Cosplay Fitness?

Say hello to our fans, welcome back to the CosFitness blog.
Our OG fans know Saint Seiya gym shirts are one of our earliest designs which we produced a ton of and stock them in Amazon, but something is wrong, there are few fans who love them, even though we did some search through Google trend and in our fans group. Therefore, we discard them in order to avoid a huge amazon storage fee.

Saint Seiya Gym ShirtsSaint Seiya Gym ShirtsSaint Seiya Gym Shirts

However, recently, some CosFitness fans messaged us and asked if we design some brand new Saint Seiya characters or have still some stock of the existing items, Seiya and Ikki training tank tops. Honestly, we are afraid of that, we do not want to suffer that we talked about above again. So we are so sorry to tell the fans both of them we could not do so too, if they really want one or some of Saint Seiya series designs, they can place an customization order from us. But we think it costs you more than what is in stock(Yes, we talk about the price). We have no choice, hope you guys understand. That’s the reason we write this blog to help. Are there any options we can solve in an easy way? Could we make a design via crowdfunding? Please leave your comment for us.

How about we open a CosFitness store on and create a custom item for who needs it?

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