CosFitness Anime Gym Shirt Crossover UFC or MMA?

CosFitness Anime Gym Shirt Crossover UFC or MMA?

CosFitness Anime Gym Shirt Crossover UFC or MMA?

Hey guys, how are you?

Welcome back to CosFitness blog, here is good news for you, we have been back to, if you are an amazon member, please feel free to visit our amazon official store, we will re-edit this post and attach the store link here later.

Well, just back to the topic.

Recently, our team is talking about the promo of the CosFitness concept. Besides opening our official store on the online shopping platforms and official account or page on social media. We should still run something new for it. At the same time, due to its own property, we focus on the athletic sports, and thought UFC/MMA and more fighting games would be a good choice for it. Let us think two UFC players wear anime characters' gym gear shirts and play in battle, that would be more interesting, because they are not only just representing themselves, but also two oppoent adherent, like Goku Vs Vegeta.

Furthermore, this can be a weightlifting game, including two anime hero camps. One is for Fullmetal Alchemist Amrstrong and the other is Popeye, they are weightlifting one by one till one camp could not weight lifting heavier. That means a lot, that would push everyone who participates in this game to move forward and get more and more stronger.

Those above we thought is just the idea, however, we think we can let it come true, would you guys join us?

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