Anime Gym Shirt. Pro Series & Lite Series

Anime Gym Shirt. Pro Series & Lite Series

The True Differences between Pro Series and Lite Series of Anime Gym Shirts

Hello to all our fans and the guys who are going to join CosFitness, how are you?

We are sharing about the differences between Pro series and Lite series of anime gym shirts which are also in a good quality. The main differences about the both is the quality that the fans generally consider, but that’s not true. We sorted them both by Pro and Lite, because they are fitting for different people, that’s the reason.

The Pro series of the anime gym shirts are more likely for the fans who workout sometime and want to keep it in their anime clothes collection, even buy them for their friends as a gift. Compared with the Pro series, Lite series we think it is for the gym guys who are training in a gym all the time, so the fabric of Lite’s is thinner and lighter, and of course, will dry quicker than Pro’s. The material of Pro's and Lite's is using the 180g polyester and 150-160g polyester, that’s the reason why some fans are thinking the Pro’s quality is better than Lite’s. However, that’s not true, if you read the above.

Hope these help you make a suitable choice, if not, please place one more order, Lol.

BTW, if you have your favorite anime characters gear shirt who we still have not designed or uploaded, please contact us for customizing your own.

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